Lucius Quintus Maximus

Semi-retired Military; aspires to move up social ladder


1st Level Human Fighter
Look: Hard eyes, Shorn hair, Scarred Skin, Built Body
Str 15
Dex 16
Con 13
Int 8
Wis 9
Cha 12
Damage d10
Armor 3
HP 23
Alignment: Good (Defend those weaker than you)
Race: Human (Once per battle re-roll a single damage roll [yours or someone else])


  • Bend Bars, Lift Gates: Use pure strenght to destroy inanimate obstacle
  • Armored: Ignore clumsy tag on armor worn
  • Signature Weapon : Blood-stained Sword (Close, Sharp [+2 piercing],Perfectly weighted [precise])

Scale Armor (2wt), Shield(2wt), 2 healing potions


Lucius Quintus Maximus

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